To pay for your order, you can choose between different payment options.
Please choose the payment method you wish to learn more about below.
Payment with Credit Card
You can easily and securely pay with the following credit / debit cards, as long as the cards have a card number and CVC code:
VISA Electron
All credit / debit card payments are handled by our payment provider Global Collect.
Transaction process
Your card will not be charged until your order has left our warehouse. You will not be charged any extra fees except for the shipping fees.
Some banks do however charge an extra overseas transaction fee, because our company is registered in the Netherlands. This fee is charged by the bank and will not be reimbursed by BESTSELLER. For more information, please contact your bank.
Your payment security
Secure payment is our top priority, so you can feel completely safe when shopping with us.
We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to secure your personal information. Furthermore, all credit card holders are subject to validation and authorization by both the card issuer and BESTSELLER online shop to maintain security and prevent fraud.
Payment with PayPal
PayPal acts like a digital wallet where you can safely store all payment options such as bank account or credit card.
It takes few minutes to open a PayPal account and it is free.
Transaction process
You will be charged once the incoming payment is registered with us. PayPal payments are usually confirmed within a few minutes. You will not be charged any extra fees except for the shipping fees.
Your payment security
PayPal enables you to pay and accept payments without revealing your financial information to the online shop. PayPal secures your information and protects the purchase. In case of returns
If you send an item back, the amount will be credited to your PayPal account. You can then choose if you want to use the funds through your PayPal account directly, or wish to transfer the amount back to your bank or credit card account. We have no control over this process, but you can manage all your payments from your PayPal account.